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Antique and vintage Japanese fabrics are quite enchanting, encompassing a wide variety of sewing, weaving, and dying techniques:

Tsutsugaki (tube-drawing) textiles are produced using a frosting tube type applicator to apply a paste resist before dyeing, which is washed away after.

Shibori is an old Japanese technique of resist dyeing, like tie dyeing.

Katazome dyeing uses a cut-out paper stencil to apply a rice paste resist to the fabric.

Kata-yuzen is the most refined traditional form of Japanese fabric dying. It utilizes very detailed cut-out paper stencils to apply the dyes directly to the silk fabric.

Kasuri textiles are produced using a wide variety of techniques to resist dye the threads before weaving. The resulting patterns are known for their soft, blurry, or brushed effects.

The result is history and culture wrapped up in bold, colorful designs

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