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Large Imari charger, large colorful panels: pine plum bamboo, 3 friends, and phoenix. Hand painted antique Japanese ceramics for interior design Very large blue and white sake bottle, bulbous form, Seto ware, flowers and foliage motif, hand-painted, mingei for Japanese gardens, ikebana Large blue and white porcelain hibachi; landscape, flowers, vines motif, all hand-painted, antique mingei for Japanese gardens, interior design

#5105 Blue white sake bottle, 19"h . . . $150

#7014  Imari charger, foliate, 16"diam . . $450

#P222 Blue white hibachi, hand painted, 18"diam . . .$330

Japanese ceramics are admired around the world. There are hundreds of historical and modern kilns throughout Japan, including Oribe, Seto, Shigaraki, Shino, Arita (Imari), Tamba, Bizen, Kyo-yaki, and Kutani. There are also a great number of individual artists, past and present.

While there is a great appreciation of the refined porcelains and studio pieces, there is also a high regard for the beauty of everyday items used by ordinary people. These unassuming folk art (mingei) pieces can be primitive, playful, and profound, revealing much about the human spirit. Included are items for ikebana, the tea ceremony, religious use, and Japanese gardens.

Japanese Porcelains

#4179 Blue-white suibon, lake scene, 13"L . . $120

#4179  Blue-white porcelain suibon (flower arranging pan), 13"L x 9.5"w. Heavy, hand formed construction, four small feet, lake scene, C.1920
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